Out Of The Box Control Assessments For NIST, PCI, SOX, SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, FFIEC, CMMC, GDPR, CCPA, etc.

  • 1

    Kick off assessment campaign with control questionnaire

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    Collect IT risk assessment from owners across departments, groups and assets.

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    Create proof of compliance for auditors.

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    Connect with ITSM systems for integrated risk remediation and risk posture.


All your assessments, compliance, audit and remediation in one place.

Modern SaaS risk management platform is focused on compliance, security & privacy, and risks associated with information and digital assets.

NIST, ISO 27001 and other control-based audit questionnaires for IT Cybersecurity

One Size, Fits All.

  1. 1

    NIST, ISO 27001 and other control-based audit questionnaires for IT Cybersecurity

  2. 2

    AWS, GCP, Azure, Okta connectors for cloud security and compliance assessment

  3. 3

    Full IT Vendor Risk Management from assessment to remediation

  4. 4

    Custom IT risk assessment and remediation

  5. 5

    Continuous assessment and readiness of Zero Trust Security

  6. 6

    Aggregate assessments, risk remediation for boardroom and external auditors.


IT Cybersecurity Risk Assessments
IT Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Out of the box framework to drive predictable, repeatable processes to help organizations understand, control, and mitigate risk. Workflows driven from a single platform to enhance the speed of delivery and efficient outcomes or deliverables.

Policy Management
Policy Management

A single platform to bring policies that are critical to the organization which establish boundaries of behavior for individuals, processes, relationships, and transactions into a process that drives compliance. Out of the box features to manage and integrate policies across your assessments.

Privacy Management

Formalize responses to assessments across various privacy frameworks which can differ by world region, even state by state in one user interface. Consolidate processes with out of the box features that drive compliance with automation.

Risk Management
Risk Management

Out of the box features enable organizations to integrate accountability and process governance which will enhance the speed and efficiency risk management is delivered across all compliance frameworks.

Third-party Vendor Risk Management

An easy user interface to drive adoption in the assessment process for third party vendors. Standardized formats to increase success in managing vendors, partners, service providers, and more.

Cloud and SaaS Compliance

Integrated modules to bring the cloud journey into partnership with compliance professionals across various compliance frameworks. Consolidation of point solution data into a full compliance platform that is SecurEnds GRC.

Product Features

Zero Set-Up

Zero Set-Up : Hit the ground running on Day 1 with prebuilt security control templates that lead to a security assessment with questionnaires, workflows and inventory.

Integrated Platform

Integrated Platform: Connect business, security, and IT with GRC by integrating and managing all regulatory requirements and policies, assessments, responses, and remediation in a central location.

Integrated Platform

Customizable Controls Library: Fully customizable, out of the box questionnaires tied to standard controls such as NIST CSF, 800-53 & 800-171, ISO 27K, HIPAA, FFIEC, and other industry requirements. A single template leading to compliance can be used across all teams and departments, minimizing the number of questionnaires.

Integrated Platform

Setup Assessment Campaigns: Create Assessment campaigns using pre-defined assessment templates or custom templates for controls and schedule them for a duration to perform the assessment. The assessment questionnaire can be assigned full or specific questions to the individual users or group of people or a role.

Integrated Platform

Run Campaigns and Gather Responses: Assessment participants receive an email to log into SecurEnds GRC to perform enterprise assessments, enter comments and upload evidence documents.

Risk Reports

Risk Reports & Dashboard: Drill down reports on specific risk scores and controls, department risks, and remediation owners. Single-click “proof of compliance” and “executive dashboard” reports for auditors and management.


Remediations: Out of the box integrations with standard ITSM systems (Jira, ServiceNow, etc.) allows real-time assignment and monitoring of remediation tickets across internal and external risk owner.

Risk Informed Decision Making

Risk Informed Decision Making: Monitor risk scores and outliers when risk threshold exceeds, or regulations change. Assign resources to the highest-risk items.

Centralize Evidence Management

Centralize Evidence Management: Assessment evidence is categorized, mapped to the corresponding regulatory and control questionnaire, and stored in central location allowing sharing and reuse across organization.

Automate Control Ownership:

Automate Control Ownership: Assign/ reassign controls and questionnaires based on role changes within the organization.

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    Is logical access to information assets, including hardware, data (at-rest, during processing, or in transmission), software, administrative authorities, mobile devices, output, and offline system components restricted through the use of access control software and rule sets?


    Does management consider the acceptable levels of variation relative to the achievement of operations objectives?


    Are boundary protection systems (for example, firewalls, demilitarized zones, and intrusion detection systems) implemented to protect external access points from attempts and unauthorized access and are monitored to detect such attempts?


    Are processes in place to communicate relevant and timely information to external parties, including shareholders, partners, owners, regulators, customers, financial analysts, and other external parties?


    Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.


    Does the organization have a Configuration Management Plan?


    Is incident recovery plan testing performed on a periodic basis with the following tests (1) development of testing scenarios based on threat likelihood and magnitude; (2) consideration of relevant system components from across the entity that can impair availability; (3) scenarios that consider the potential for the lack of availability of key personnel; and (4) revision of continuity plans and systems based on test results?


    Are remediation activities documented and communicated in accordance with the incident response program?


    Are processes for managing system changes throughout the lifecycle of the system and its components (infrastructure, data, software and procedures) used to support system availability and processing integrity?


    Happy Customers

    Our cyber IT security assessments have helped teams assess, pioritize and remediate risks to information systems, vendors etc

    “I've seen something similar before but it was just related to PCI, but I need a lot more than that. That is required from our banking provider so I'm looking forward to doing something for my own department. I like the dashboard where all the risk assessments are documented and quicker turnaround on all those high-level risks."

    Gaming – Principal

    "I think we’ll start seeing more opportunities between the state and federal level for companies like mine to assist them with GRC in general but the specialization into the specific POC levels. We’d like to cross sell the solutions we have and then implement your solutions into our environment."

    Director IT

    “I can see where its adaptable enough to be used and I want to maintain it for 75 different systems that we have. I’ve been through 3 different GRC systems before that are homegrown and they were not good enough to say that they can implement. SecurEnds GRC has a good foundation. "

    Higher Education
    Director Information Security

    "The cloud platform summary gives us a benchmark which is awesome because between the board leaders have been communicating a lot to me in risk vs"

    Finance/ Loan Services
    Cybersecurity Engineer


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