Azure Cloud Compliance

Integrated features combine cloud technical assessments to report posture through a single dashboard whereby results can be measured efficiently for all compliance processes

Azure Cloud Compliance

Cloud scanning modules combine technical scans of cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS or SaaS applications like OKTA for "out of the box" consolidation of cloud security review and reporting. Workflow is established to attach this evidence of cloud security to risk assessment and audit frameworks for seamless delivery of requested reports. This standardization reduces workload across multiple compliance frameworks and brings predictability to the response time of due diligence requests.

Previous to the SaaS innovation brought by SecurEnds GRC, these assessments had been managed manually via spreadsheets and email workflows leading to untimely delays in information gathering, reporting, and assembling reports to stakeholders like third parties. Clients of Broad GRC differentiate themselves by reducing the cost of these efforts and improving the outcomes.

Cloud and SaaS Compliance

Our software enables clients to grow their business and achieve operational efficiencies such as:

  • 1

    Enhanced Competitiveness: MFaster, more accurate and complete reporting for Risk Management, Vendor Due Diligence, and Compliance.

  • 2

    Lower Operational Cost: Automated workflows and prepopulated assessment frameworks allow team members to focus on value added tasks in collaboration that is predictable and repeatable at reduced cost.

  • 3

    Faster SLA: Complete assessments, questionnaires, and compliance faster with SecurEnds GRC.

Product Features

Zero Set-Up

Zero Set-Up : Hit the ground running on Day 1 with prebuild business/ department hierarchy, questionnaires, workflows and templates.

Integrated Platform

Unified Platform: Connect business, security, and IT with GRC by organizing and managing all regulatory requirements and policies, assessments, responses, and remediation in a central location

Integrated Platform

Customizable Controls Library: Fully customizable, out of the box questionnaires tied to standard controls such as NIST CSF & 800-53, ISO 27K, HIPAA, FFIEC, and other industry requirements. Single version can be used across all teams and departments, minimizing the number of questionnaires.

Integrated Platform

Setup Assessment Campaigns: Create Assessment campaigns using pre-defined assessment templates or custom templates for controls and schedule them for a duration to perform the assessment. The assessment questionnaire can be assigned full or specific questions to the individual users or group of people or a role.

Integrated Platform

Run Campaigns and Gather Responses: Assessment reviewers receive an email to log into SecurEnds GRC to perform IT assessments, enter comments and upload evidence documents.

Risk Reports

Risk Reports & Dashboard: Drill down reports on specific risk scores and controls, department risks, and remediation owners. Single-click “proof of compliance” and “executive dashboard” reports for auditors and management.


Remediations: Out of the box integrations with standard ITSM systems (Jira, ServiceNow etc) allows real-time assignment and monitoring of remediation tickets across internal and external risk owners.

Risk Informed Decision Making

Risk Informed Decision Making: Monitor risk scores and outliers when risk threshold exceeds, or regulations change. Assign resources to the highest-risk items.

Centralize Evidence Management

Centralize Evidence Management: Assessment evidence is categorized, mapped to the corresponding regulatory and control questionnaire, and stored in central location allowing sharing and reuse across organization.

Automate Control Ownership:

Automate Control Ownership: Assign/ reassign controls and questionnaires based on role changes within the organization.

How it Works

Step 1: Select or Create Assessment Template

This step allows the grouping or filtering of assets and questions to be reviewed

Step 2: Schedule Details

Schedule the campaign for the appropriate audience with the selected template

Step 3: Verify and Launch

This page displays the title, dates, reviewer information, and questions within the questionnaire. Review the content for accuracy with the option to launch the campaign

All your assessments

Insightful Assessment Reports

Generate insightful reports for business units, executives and board members to review the security profile of the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is a voluntary cybersecurity framework that allows companies to develop their information security, risk management and control programs. Conducting an NIST CSF audit can give you a sense of where your organization stands prior to developing and implementing more stringent cybersecurity measures and controls.

We offer a feature balanced, easy to use SaaS product that makes implementing GRC program a breeze with NIST, ISO 27001, and other frameworks across organizations of all sizes. We are the only easy to use, high ROI platform that integrates security controls with assessments, campaigns and remediations in an easy to use SaaS platform. Another great thing about us SecurEnds GRC is our modular approach. Customers can add additional modules as their use cases grown.

Within 24 hours of you subscribing, you will be using our best of breed SaaS product. The base product comes with preconfigured business hierarchy, workflow, questionnaire tied to the NIST controls. Additional modules such as Cloud and SaaS Compliance, Third-party Vendor Risk Management are a click away.

We’re proud of the results our customers see with SecurEnds GRC. We offer fully functional trials of our cloud products, – IT Risk Assessment, Third-party Vendor Risk Management and Cloud and SaaS Compliance for 14 days. When your trial expires, you can continue using the product by subscribing.

a. The following control sets are included in the initial subscription. NIST CSF, NIST SP 800-53r5 and r4, NIST SP 800-171r2, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, FFIEC, 3rd Party, CMMC and questions mapped to the PCI, ISO27K, SOC 2, control sets.

b. There are also questionnaires included and updated for current threats such as Ransomware or other cyber kill chain protection strategies.
A campaign can consist of many assessments. If an assessment template is created for any inventory with a customizable control set then it can be included in a campaign.
We offer a variety of pricing options for our customers and managed services providers. Our team is available for a no-pressure consultation to help you figure out the best module ( IT Risk Assessment, Third Party Vendor Management, and Cloud and SaaS compliance) for your needs.

SecurEnds GRC has become CISO’s choice of GRC, owing to high ROI and low TCO. Many of our most enthusiastic supporters came to High Bond after fighting with or ignoring an expensive, bespoke GRC environment because it didn’t deliver the value they hoped for

Yes! our customers login using with O365 or Gmail.

SecurEnds GRC uses enterprise-grade security at every layer to ensure that customer information, data and files stay safe. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our SaaS offering globally.

Here to help you secure your cyber assets

In just 30 minutes, we can show you how consumers are leveraging the power of our modern, simple, SaaS product. And you can too.