SecurEnds GRC and President Biden’s Executive Order

SecurEnds GRC and President Biden’s Executive Order

In wake of recent cyberattacks, President Biden issues an Executive Order (EO) on “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity (14028)” on May 12, 2021. The directive covers a wide array of issues and processes, setting numerous deadlines for recommendations and actions by federal agencies, and focusing on enhancing the protection of federal networks in partnership with the service providers on which federal agencies rely. Any company that does business or planning to do business with the US Government must take note of the series of provisions in the EO.

Improving the security of the software supply chain is a key component of the Executive Order and government organizations must provide evidence that they are working secure vendors. This will also likely lead to increased scrutiny of vendor risk assessments, potential security gaps in the supply chain, and the remediation policies that are currently in place.

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Given The White House’s pledge to ensure government systems “meet or exceed the standards and requirements for cybersecurity” outlines in the Executive Order, companies that are looking to sell software to government agencies should expect more stringent evaluations of their own security to make sure the appropriate requirements are being met.

SecurEnds GRC, which is built on NIST framework, provides organizations visibility into their current cybersecurity posture. Given the severity of recent cyberattacks, companies can use SecurEnds GRC SaaS product to undertake assessments across organization’s IT assets, solutions providers, vendors, and suppliers. SecurEnds GRC will help assess and remediate organizations’ compliance with U.S. government data and privacy protection regulations including FAR, DFARS, NIST SP 800–53, NIST SP 800–171, and Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

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